About Me

Greetings! This is the blog of a Priestess devoted to the aspect of the Goddess known as the Dark Mother.

My name is Morgan. I self-initiated in 1978 at the age of 15. The Morrigan was the Goddess who called to me from the start. I took the name Morgan before I even knew anything about the Morrigan, however. It just felt right. When I researched the name I found possible links to the Morrigan. And then in 8th grade, crows started following me everywhere and I discovered they were one of Her shapes. The Morrigan was truly guiding me.

In recent years, I have found my way becoming shamanistic and devotional. I felt called to formalize my path and work in community. After much prayer and journeying, She revealed to me that the Morrigan is but one of Her faces. However, I do not conceive of the Dark Mother as being a psychological construct. She is Real. As are Her faces – the Morrigan, Hel, Hecate, Kali, Oya, Santa Muerte, and myriad others. I’m finding that my polytheism is more on par with Hindu belief – where there are actual, discrete Deities while at the same time They are seen as facets of the All. I am equally at home with “soft” polytheism as I am with “hard” polytheism.

She has also asked that I work as Her priestess and help provide community for others who worship Her. I live in Madison, Wisconsin and am looking to create this community through writing, workshops, and ritual events such as Black Tent Temples. I am also a death midwife, shamanic healer, ceremonialist, and writer.

I write this blog in hopes of sharing my work with Her in this, my fifth decade of life. I invite all who read this to share their thoughts.

All Hail, Lady of Darkness!


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